Weird sights on the bus.

  1. Tabaski, new faculty. Also porn and komodo dragons.
  2. Apartment.

It’s been a weird week.

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Ramadan and Taking Risks

There’s a link to a video that contains local church music in here, guys. Skip down a few sections if that’s what you’re interested in.

Have you ever really thought about Ramadan? I must confess that I hadn’t. It’s sunrise to sunset, with no food or water. Every day. For a month. If you’re in Russia, that’s 20 hours. Every day. For a month.

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You may have seen on the news about the mutinies. Since I live in Bassam, we don’t see any action.

Shame on BBC for expressing concern for cacao prices and not the actual people here, who really do get quite frightened by these things. They really really don’t want a repeat of the previous civil unrest.

Onward to fun things that happened after the gala.

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