Special Church Services, Assinie

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1. Churches, again– celebration service in Abidan


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Christmas in Jacqueville

Well, there was Christmas traveling, microbiology training, searching for collaborations, re-writing class plans, and my boyfriend’s arrival, and I may never recover. I need a vacation badly. And tomorrow at least will be spent fighting with Ethiopian Air inquiring about the luggage they lost. Pray that they find it and deliver it, because none of us has the energy to fight.

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This is super-late, but I just got my camera back today. It took me a week to even notice it was missing, that’s how busy it’s been.

Back in the holiday day, we went to Assinie-Mafia, better known by me as “you should go there” or “you should take your parents there.” It’s an hour drive from Bassam, on the border of Ghana.

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I had mentioned that the university lost several people recently. Yesterday, they sent two buses of faculty, staff, and students to the funeral of the beloved supervisor/driver. (I knew him has “I wish he had picked you up form the airport.”) This man had had a heart attack before, and so the suspicion was that it was his heart again. He did not take care of himself, and screening is not as rigorous here as the US. He was in his 50’s and left behind 4 or 5 kids. Take your dang medications, people.

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Institut Pasteur and Misc School things

Forgive me. It’s been an insanely busy semester, and 90% of my energy is spent either fielding complaints from students who want points for plagiarized labs or labs they didn’t turn in or figuring out how to do things like arrange field trips, then dealing with criticism of faculty members who suddenly know exactly what needs to be done by yesterday….. and then are wrong. Nobody appreciates being laughed at when she’s been doing her best for many weeks, asking for advice, with 3 other major projects to do besides class, and you have been silent.

There have also been several deaths at the university or connected to the university. There have been more outside the university. Only one of those that I know of was elderly. The rest…. one heart problem, others unknown.


A while ago, we went to the Institut Pasteur for a field trip. I won’t complain about the mixup in start times any more. Hopefully one day the tech who plans things will learn to communicate.

Perhaps I won’t have the students write a paragraph on what they expect to see anymore, because many were disappointed. The CDC it is not.
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Ramadan and Taking Risks

There’s a link to a video that contains local church music in here, guys. Skip down a few sections if that’s what you’re interested in.

Have you ever really thought about Ramadan? I must confess that I hadn’t. It’s sunrise to sunset, with no food or water. Every day. For a month. If you’re in Russia, that’s 20 hours. Every day. For a month.

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