Eid Al-Fitr

Eid mubarak.

Today, or last night at sundown, marks the end of Ramadan. All of Cote d’Ivoire is happy, and we got back to Bassam for almost a fair price*, and the market was nearly empty.

Yesterday we went into the city to get haircuts, and it was very busy. Unfortunately, we had to pass the slaughterhouse on the way back, and so got stuck in traffic as every Muslim in the city made their way to that single point by the only road to get their sheep for slaughter. It was also pouring, bringing down the number of usable lanes**.  So we were stuck in traffic for at least 45 minutes, with nothing to see. We finally got out of Abidjan and on the road to Bassam, and the driver got a flat tire. That poor guy.

The church service went very, very long. It was the delayed father’s day service. Led by the men. I assume the women were just as incapable of keeping to the allotted time. But my patience for pointless rambling is inversely proportional to my hunger and directly proportional to the room temperature. I think MM was just as eager to get out of there– she made it out first!

In a holiday miracle, the internet is nice and smooth, and I’m scrambling to try to remember what I wanted to download…..

* He wasn’t even Muslim. We passed a monstrous wreck on the way out and he crossed himself.

** Nevermind that it wasn’t technically a usable lane to begin with, if you’re a robot obeying traffic rules.


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