Good Place = No News

There is a mechanic working on a car literally less than a foot from my back patio, which is less than maybe 5 feet from my bedroom window. I cannot wait to move to the third floor.

Sooo…. there was a lot of talk during the interviews about adapting our research to what we have, or keeping ties with our old institutions so we can use their resources during the summer*. I’ve spent the summer so far preparing for a project that requires establishing cell culture facilities here, and finally coming to realization that it’s probably never going to happen. I’ve also spent the summer waiting for my advisor to finish the parts of the paper from my dissertation work that he kept saying he’d do, and again coming to the realization that it’s probably never going to happen. (Don’t think he’s negligent or anything– there are circumstances I won’t get into here.)

This means that I’ve spent the past couple days writing and planning, and it’s nice to be busy and full** of hope again. Check back at the end of the summer and I’ll be back to reality.

So in the meantime, today’s food thing is “adjuevan”. It’s a fermented fish product that’s used in ‘sauces.’

Everything is wrapped in scrap paper. Not a bad idea, actually.

I threw two pieces in a soup of sweet potato greens and whatever vegetables I could get that looked decent at the market. Two pieces was overkill, it turns out, but it’s absolutely delicious. I can’t really compare it to anything in the US. It’s a mellow sort of vanilla- umami flavor, as much aroma as taste. Not sharp like soy. It’s probably playing with the boullion cube and the sodium bicarb, too.



* Says the man whose requirements are better computing power.

** Or at least not empty.


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